Use of products:M-series tower crane
Project location:Pakistan

China's high-speed rail and nuclear power, known as two bright "national business cards", have been highlighted many times during visits by General Secretary Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang and other party and state leaders. In August 2015, China's third generation nuclear power technology, Hualong I, with its own intellectual property rights, went abroad for the first time and officially landed in Pakistan. This is the second nuclear power project exported overseas by China after the Chashma nuclear power project, and the first project of Hualong I. The project is located near Karachi, Pakistan, and along the Arabian Sea. It consists of K2 and K3 units.

As an important partner of China's nuclear construction, Sichuan Construction Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. has provided 10 new tower cranes, such as C7444, P300, C7030, F0/23C, for this project. The project department has transferred more than 10 tower cranes from Chashma project, totaling more than 20 SCM tower cranes built in Sichuan are standing at the Karachi K2/K3 project site.

C7444 海外 巴基斯坦卡拉奇K2K3项目.jpg


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