Research trends



Research trends

M2400 top kit tower crane 

M2400 is the largest top kit self-elevating tower crane which is self innovated and developed by SCM.

This mode adopts the 476LCC200 DC speed regulation hoisting mechanism, all others mechanisms adopt stepless frequency speed regulation system. To consider the special situation in projects, the max. hoisting capacity is 100ton with 6 falls and with 70m jib. This model is used in large-tonnage equipment installation for water resources and hydro-Power engineering, lifting container in port. 

The successful development of M2400, following the ecological development direction in modern construction, improving SCM’s technological advantages, emerging SCM’s strength, improving products grades, that would having wider developing prospect.

Details shows in the catalogue.


P200 topless tower crane 

According to the development of tower crane market requirement, SCM started producing topless series tower crane since 2009; after produced P125 and P300, SCM designed and produced P200 tower crane in this year. 

The max working radius of P200 is 64M, the tip load is 3 tons, and maximum load is 12 tons. There are 2 kinds of mast section, 1.6M and 2M, and the maximum lifting height can reach 280m. Simply jib design is good for quick dismantlement of jib section. Without tower head, moudle weight is small and low installing height; so it can save dismantlement cost. And it is also safe, convenient, and the high use of interspace, it is good for tower crane group and suitable for such projects which have special requirement for the height. 

Details shows in the catalogue.


SCM5120THB Truck-mounted concrete pump

SCM5120HTB Truck-mounted concrete pump is the first innovative product since Concrete Pump Company establishment. It adopt chassis with national IV standard from DONG FENG AUTOMOBILE CO.,LTD. , with reliable and excellent load capacity. 

It adopts independent power supply system to decrease transmission failure. Pumping system adopts low speed and high torque hydraulic cycloid motor, it is strong and can mix concrete uniformly, and ensure there is no buildup on both sides. Electric system use Siemens PLC, which achieve automatic unloading, inching control for Master cylinder piston and distribution valve, automatic reverse when material jammed, and high-low pressure pumping quickly change. Hydraulic system use double-loop system to judge and eliminate faults, and much improve efficiency.

It has long distance and high vertical pumping advantage, and easy to move and anchorage. It has high efficiency, multiple purposes, and can satisfy different working requirements. 

Details shows in the catalogue.


tower crane

C5510 tower crane is produced for civil construction; the capacity is between C5013 and C5513. The advantages are lightweight and high performance. There are two kinds of mast sections 1.4M and 1.6M, it increases generality of product, improves working efficiency. And use mature mechanisms. Now C5510 passed type-examination, each test result achieve design requirements, and it has been starting mass produced.

The main characteristics as follow:

The maximum working radius is 55M; the tip load is 1.0 ton, and maximum load is 6 tons; mast section have 1.4*1.4*3M and 1.6*.16*3M; and there are stationary, traveling, and inner-climbing types. The maximum free standing height for stationary type is 36.7M, and free standing height for traveling type is 38.35M.

The hoisting mechanism has 33LVF15 and 33RPC15; trolley mechanism has X55L, 4D2V4, 4DCV; slewing mechanism has 3RH, RCV95, OMD 45; traveling mechanism has RT443 and 18TVF. Especially trolley mechanism 4D2V4 uses double speed motor which saves cost much.


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