New technology



New technology

1. The technology of variable frequency speed regulation

In order to improve the performance of tower crane, reduce the outside impact on the mechanism, improve its work efficiency and realize stepless speed regulation, the tower crane C6015 is the first unit with fully Variable Frequency  mechanisms. According to customers’ requirements, SCM developed VF mechanism into other models of tower crane. Now SCM fully VF tower crane series includes F0、H3、C7030、C7050, etc., The advantages are as belows:

(1) stepless speed regulating 

(2) low speed with Heavy load, high speed with light load

(3) The release, close of brake has logical relationship with heavy objects and operation in the control system

2. The technology of DC speed regulation

With the development of large and high tower crane, the cost of VF speed regulation system will be increased too much and the system will be huge. In order to keep the well performance of speed regulation, SCM has independently developed 150LCC50, 180LCC80, 250LCC and160 series, which have the following characteristics:

(1) Structure and electronic control system are concise and reliable with digital regulation

(2) Stepless speed regulation and PG close-cycle control with fast and accurate response.

(3) Improve the efficiency of tower crane

(4) zero-speed brake

3. PLC technology 

The PLC technology has solved a lot of problems of electric relay (complex control circuit, short service life, easy to damage etc.) and it also has advantages as below:

(1) Reliable performance with no failure

(2) More function with no change of circuit

(3) Stable and reliable program, reduce the damage by people

4. HMI human-machine interface 

The working environment of tower crane is getting more and more complex, so it is very hard and unreliable for the operator to make judgments by only other people’s instructions and their own observations. By HMI device, the relevant parameters and signals processed by PLC or PC can be displayed on the screen, so the operator can adjust the working conditions directly. The service man could also analyze the cause of failure according to the information displayed on the screen and resolve the problem.

5. Network technology

With the development of VF, DC and soft boot technology, the control technology is required to be intellective and digitized. The old cable transmission can not meet the requirements of technique development. By network technique, the PROFIBUS can be used on the tower crane, which greatly promote the technological level of the tower crane.

6. The TMS system of working information 

TMS is a part of intellective systems developing engineering in SCM tower crane. By regulating the tower crane model, operator and system time, it can automatically record management information such as working hours, workload and working times. TMS is controlled all by computer and can set system and operation administrator access, which ensures that the information is authentic. The display screen adopts Japanese VFD screen with high definition and wide viewing angle.

7. The HAI height automatic recognition system 

HAI applies menu operation with more functions and easy operation. It can set the height according to the actual working situation and set slow-down and stop points, which all can be displayed on the screen. HAI is especially suitable for the situation which the tower crane is used frequently and there are obstacles in front of the crane. It can automatically check and make alarm, control the speed reduction and stop, which greatly reduce the possibility of operator to make mistakes. 


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