The company has established a sound sales and service system, with a good quality, excellent business sales and service team. The company has set up offices in various provinces and municipalities in China, and has established close cooperative relations with major domestic construction engineering companies. The marketing network system covers the whole country and has made excellent achievements in the construction machinery market. Companies adhering to the advanced business philosophy, the formation of a strong international marketing network. SCM has been developing rapidly in the international market since it gained the right to foreign trade in 1989. More than 10000 sets of export equipment have been accumulated, with total export volume of US $1 billion. At present, SCM tower cranes and construction ladders are located in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, such as Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East.


region Person in charge Telephone
Xinjiang Wang Jing 13908062650
Gansu Wang Jing 13908062650
Qinghai Wang Jing 13908062650
Ningxia Wang Jing 13908062650
Sichuan Wu Shu Yun 13908062652
Chongqing Wu Shu Yun 13908062652
Guizhou Feng Yong 18628979567
Yunnan Feng Yong 18628979567
Hubei Zhang long 13627127104
Hunan Zhang long 13627127104
Fujian Yi Hong 13908063621
Jiangxi Yi Hong 13908063621
Guangzhou Min Hong Li 13908063625
Shenzhen Chen Bing 13540822441
Guangxi Min Hong Li 13908063625
Shandong Gong Guang Zhong 13908062863
Anhui Gong Guang Zhong 13908062863
Beijing Song Jian Zhong 13908063605
Tianjin Song Jian Zhong 13908063605
Hebei Song Jian Zhong 13908063605
Shanxi Song Jian Zhong 13908063605
Jiangsu Zhou Jin Ming 13908063629
Shanghai Zhou Jin Ming 13908063629
Zhejiang Zhou Jin Ming 13908063629
Shaanxi Zhou Jin Ming 13908063629
Xizang Sales Department 028-86472030
Neimenggu Sales Department 028-86472030
Heilongjiang Sales Department 028-86472030
Jilin Sales Department 028-86472030
Liaoning Sales Department 028-86472030
Hainan Sales Department 028-86472030
Henan Sales Department 028-86472030
Abroad Annie Ye 86-028-83110588
Abroad Annie Ye 86-028-86472108

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