HG32 Concrete placing boom

HG32 concrete placing boom is Sichuan construction machinery (Group) Limited by Share Ltd to import advanced technology from ELBA company of Germany made products, has the characteristics of simple, flexible, efficient, is the realization of continuous concrete pouring, ensure ideal equipment quality of concrete, the machine has the features: Arm 1 fabric cloth part consists of four section of box section, the "four links - cylinder" mechanism hinge arm between the Department, for all position cloth on cloth range; arm frame and form a "four connecting rod - cylinder" rod and the cylinder hinge point of the self-lubricating bearings, implementation folding arm oil cylinder flexible; a rod cavity and a non rod cavity two oil outlet installed with the balance valve, hydraulic lock process arm in arm cloth does not appear obvious. The rack cylinder 2 slewing mechanism adopts two horizontal driving rotary rod with a gear, the realization of the 360°; balance valve rack cylinder buffer device, realize the arm turn smoothly, work position fixing. 3 electrical system has broken phase protection device, emergency stop device, the main components with famous brand. 4 operating mode with manual control and remote control and wireless remote control three kinds of mode of operation. Manual control through the angle of the regulating handle and the level of implementation arm foldingspeed and the rotary rod rotating speed; wired remote control and wireless remote control can be realized in platformadjustment arm position is not now in the course of cloth. 5 there is a fixed type, inner climbing type for the user to choose. 6 can perform initial height adjustment according to user requirements, or according to user needs and design.

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