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Wireless remote control technology is widely used in SCM tower crane.
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The application of wireless remote control in tower crane is a people-oriented technical scheme, especially suitable for precise control of equipment in special environment, with the advantages of safety, reliability and high cost performance. In 2010, Sichuan Construction Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. successfully applied wireless remote control technology to M900 tower crane for the first time. After years of intensive research and development, the company has obtained a number of proprietary intellectual property rights of the tower crane wireless remote control patent technology, the company's production of various types of tower crane can achieve wireless remote control device control, can be full. The wireless remote control technology has been widely used in SCM tower crane of Sichuan construction to meet the special requirements of all kinds of users.

SCM wireless remote control tower crane is built in Sichuan Province, which adopts the original imported industrial wireless remote control system. The system is manufactured by the largest and most advanced German manufacturer specializing in the production of industrial wireless remote control system products. It can also adopt domestic industrial wireless remote control according to the needs of users, which is economical and cost-effective. Both of the above two configurations have the characteristics of high temperature adaptability, high receiving sensitivity, stable and reliable operation, and strong anti-interference ability. In any emergency situation, the main circuit power can be instantaneously cut off by pressing the emergency stop button or the mushroom head to ensure the safety of equipment and construction personnel.

SCM wireless remote control tower crane in Sichuan is divided into wireless remote control tower crane, linkage platform and wireless remote control tower crane. The former can save the structure and space of operating cab with linkage table, simplify the composition of machine and electricity, and simplify the realization relatively; the latter is reforming the original cab control model, so that the tower crane can be operated by remote control and linkage table, and the two can be interlocked and switched conveniently, thus effectively widening the scope. The use scope of this type of tower crane has greatly improved its use value.

The wireless remote control system of SCM tower crane consists of two parts: launching system and receiving system. The launching system sets up operating devices according to tower crane operation specifications and ergonomics characteristics, from the original shoulder-mounted mode to waist-mounted mode, and now has been fully operated by hand-held mode; the receiving system is installed in a fixed position on the controlled tower crane to receive and output all operating signals of the tower crane, and enters our company. A high reliability tower crane control and manager RPEC is specially developed, which combines the tower crane control and manager, the tower crane working condition information output information to the man-machine interface and drive device.

In recent years, with the maturity of wireless remote control technology, the wireless remote control system of Chuanjian Group has been serving M900 exported to Russia, H3/36B in the Philippines, D90 in Korea, C7052 in India and many kinds of tower cranes in China, and has been praised by users at home and abroad.


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