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Sichuan Construction (Group) convened a commendation meeting on rationalization proposals in 2014
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Recently, Sichuan Construction (Group) held its annual rationalization proposal recognition conference in 2014 to commend advanced units and outstanding proposals.

The staff of the company have put forward a lot of rationalization suggestions in the aspects of "improving efficiency, reducing cost, optimizing design and optimizing process", which are of great significance in improving enterprise management, promoting enterprise technological progress, improving product quality and increasing enterprise benefits.

During 2014, the company received 238 rationalization proposals, 170 of which were accepted by the company. In order to encourage employees to actively participate in rationalization proposals, the company evaluated and commended the rationalization proposals in 2014. After discussion and evaluation, the company selected 2 first prize units, 4 second prize units, 3 third prize units. First prize, 2, two, 9, three, 135, and encouragement awards 70.

Rationalization proposal is a long-term and all-round activity of the company. It encourages employees to innovate in their work practice, to find and solve problems, to put forward more and better reasonable suggestions and improvement measures for the development of the company from different perspectives, and to promote the work of the company in a good and fast way. Forward development.


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